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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

तपाईको विचारमा समुदायका मानिसहरूसँग काम गर्दा आईपर्ने मुख्य चुनौतीहरु के के हुन् ? एक सामाजिक परिचालकको रूपमा तपाइँ कसरी यी चुनौतिहरूको सामना गर्ने योजना बनाउनुहुन्छ ? (५० देखि २०० सब्दमा लेख्नुहोस्

Awareness is been required for educating people about social issues through social mobilizers for increased knowledge.  Being a social mobilizer faces different challenges than just being easy work.  Illiteracy of the community people, the ego of the different members and the need for financial support in the community are the challenges that can be countered by the social mobilizers while working together with the people.

Illiteracy is one of the chief challenges we face while working with community members in the awareness sessions.  Firstly, conveying the message to them is tough when the medium of instruction is different than what they speak was our problem. Social mobilizers might not be very well equipped in the Nepali language and the community people could have a hard time understanding. Uneducated people can be the factor for the difficulty for social mobilizers like us, making it a hard time for us.

'Obstruction in our work simply by the people either by not cooperating or not showing enthusiasm must be due to their ego is another issue as attitude is everything'. People of society can be difficult to handle either due to educational status or their attitude. Village leaders and educated people normally do not attend the awareness session when social mobilizer is not matured enough. So, attitude can play a negative role in the community making less impact in the community.

Attending such a session, people try to get benefited from economic support mainly than just speaking to them. People often expect monetary support to attend such sessions and not inspired to participate in it due to their feeling of the importance of time as money. When we notified the people about the distribution of materials such as seeds of tomato, cauliflower, and chilies, weighing machine, and polybags for seeds, many people showed up on the last day.

To sum up, illiteracy, ego and the intense need for finance are the components of main challenges while in the community. Moreover, I feel they can be part of the reason why social mobilizers got a job in the community; if not they would not be hired by the company.